Harvest time.

So what a year this is turning out to be!

It all started so well, but then Coronavirus kicked off and we couldn’t open our doors to our lovely guests. At the start of lockdown the sun shone, which was a blessing in itself, and we all tried our best to keep safe.

Now, many months later it is harvest time, my favourite time of the year. The crops are ready to be gathered, the blackberries and apples are there for the taking and, although things are not quite back to ‘normal,’ the seasons still bring their beauty and their bounty and we remember that time stands still for no-one!

This year the crops have taken a lot of drying out, but finally we can bring them in ready for winter. Look out for the combine harvesters as you travel around our glorious county, harvest is a time to reap and sow, ready for next year when the whole cycle starts again.

Take care and enjoy the sights and sounds that harvest time brings.

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