It’s that cute calf time of the year!

Lynda and her family have been farming at Bampfield for 60 years. On the working farm we have 250 spring calving cows who all calve in February and March. It is always a special time, many guests have visited in previous years and seen the joys and challenges of new life on the farm.

All the Friesian /Jersey girl calves are reared to join the herd in 2 years’ time. Male Aberdeen Angus calves are sold to a neighbour.

As you can imagine there are many mouths to feed so all the family are involved.

We sell the milk to Arla a farmer owned co-operative. It is processed into cheese at the Taw Valley creamery in Devon.

Our free range cows enjoy munching the lush grass which along with the breeding, helps keep the milk rich in butterfat and protein.

Facts about cows.

  1. Did you know cows have 4 stomachs?
  2. Did you know cows are colour blind?
  3. A cow can produce 5800 litres of milk in a year, some breeds of cows can produce more than this.
  4. A cow eats 170 kilos of grass a day.

To find out more you can visit our website

We have a farm diary section, or contact

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