A farmer has to do, what a farmer has to do!

Life on the farm goes on, whatever the weather, the day or time. It goes on if it’s summer or winter, Christmas day or Easter. It doesn’t matter if there is a virus, drought, flooding or storm, life on the farm goes on.

Devon is beautiful whatever the month, springtime or harvest, summer or winter. It is beautiful on the moors or the beaches, the farms or the towns, Devon is a glorious place to be.

Take time to see and hear and taste, take time to appreciate the world around, the big and the small, the loud and the quiet. Take time to wonder and question and think…….

What better place to do all these things than here in North Devon where you can just be yourself… and just be!

Summer is still on!

This was the view that met our eyes when we drove passed Saunton Sands yesterday.

The sun was shining on beautiful clear water, just right for body boarding, the sand was golden and the sky was a gorgeous blue.

People were out and about, staying safe and respecting the rules. The beach was full of laughter and fun, which is very welcome after months of lockdown and worry.

Devon has the most amazing beaches and coastline and what could be more appealing than this?

Keep an eye out for which of our wonderful accommodation providers will be opening and, maybe you too, could be part of this breathtaking picture that is North Devon!

Bampfield Farm.

Here at Bampfield Farm, Lynda and Neil are missing our guests at this time of the year.

Guests who have been before are familiar with life on the farm, however because holidays are sadly unavailable at the moment, we thought we could share some of the things that have been happening this spring.

Our 250 herd of cows have had their 6 week holiday (we give them a rest from milking) They began calving in February, March and April. Now we have 180 calves to feed.

Young dairy heifers are being fed milk in the field with our new feeding system.

After they are weaned they munch on grass and cereals.

Bampfield’s dairy herd are working hard to feed the nation.

They are in the field eating grass for 290 days of the year. Neil measures the grass on the farm each week to ensure he has enough grass to feed the cows.

Our cows eat 22 tonnes of grass a day.  In a week it will be 154 Tonnes.

40,000 litres or 70,390 pints of milk have been produced this week for Arla milk co-operative.

So when you eat your cheese or pour milk on your cereals say a big thankyou to all your British farmers.

Last week we supplied 65 tonnes of free range chickens to supermarkets across the country, alongside other farmers we are doing our bit to keep the nation fed. When this challenge is over our farm holiday co-operative will be here to welcome you back into the countryside. I am sure you will join with us as we celebrate and appreciate our food as well as the environment which we strive to look after for the nation.


May Fair

Normally at this time of year, Great Torrington is preparing for the Mayfair celebrations. Dancing around the maypole and the crowning of the May Queen are all looked forward to and planned for.

This year is different, but in honour of our wonderful NHS, and in the spirit of Mayfair, one local family have decorated their home – in true Torrington style.

This beautiful display, not only symbolises the arrival of Spring with the maypole and flowering gorse, it also thanks our NHS and key workers for all their hard work and dedication in this time of uncertainty.

Next year the Mayfair celebrations will be back on – make it the year that you come to Devon to be part of something really special. There will be many lovely places to stay that will welcome you with the same enthusiasm that is displayed in this amazing garden.

Stay safe, stay at home ……… until you no longer have to…. and we will see you here in Great Torrington!

Heal the world.

Today I am reminded of the song ‘Heal the world, make it a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race’

How thankful we are to all that are helping, in any way, to bring us to closer to the end of this scary time. Here in sunny Devon we are aware that we live in such a beautiful part of the world, and this is a time to reflect and not take that for granted. So I am posting some pictures of our farm, the sunshine and the hope for tomorrow. We are all here for each other, wherever we live. Keep positive, keep well.

Keep your chin up!

North Devon Farm Holidays would like to thank all our customers for supporting us in the past and we look forward to seeing you in the future.

We hope that you are all keeping safe and looking after each other in this difficult time.

We will continue to post pictures of our lives on our farms to keep in touch with you all while we are closed.

Stay safe and Devon will be waiting for you, in all it’s glory, when all returns to normal (whatever normal is!)

A little bit of sunshine!

Thought I would share the little bit of sunshine we had a couple of weeks ago.

I spent the morning at RHS Garden Rosemoor on a crisp and beautiful day, what a treat! Not only did the sculptures look glorious, covered in sparkling frost, but nature did the most beautiful works of art on the leaves and grass too. It is the most perfect place to unwind and just soak in the tranquil atmosphere and quiet beauty.

With the promise of Spring just around the corner there is so much to look forward to, longer days, beach exploring, rugged country paths to discover and so many new places to see and experience.

So, spend some time here in North Devon and see what we have to offer. Let us be ‘your little bit of sunshine’.

Happy New Year!

We wish you all a very Happy New Year. May it bring joy and love, new friendships and rekindled old ones and most of all a year of new beginnings and fresh starts.

The year is a painting not yet painted, a path not yet stepped on; a wing not yet taken off! Things haven’t happened yet – remember, you are blessed with the ability to reshape your life!

Happy Christmas!

We would like to wish all our ‘old’ friends and our new ones a very Merry Christmas and love, joy and happiness in 2020!

Thank you for visiting, or thinking about visiting, our beautiful county of Devon. We have so much to offer all the family and some amazing places to stay.

Whether it’s simmering summer or wild winter there are always things to do and places to explore. You will be made very welcome and we hope that you come back again and again.

We wish you a wonderful Christmas and we look forward to seeing you in 2020!

70 years of National Parks – Exmoor on our doorstep!

The Prince of Wales joined hundreds of people at a “big picnic” to celebrate the anniversary of the law allowing national parks to be created.

The event hosted by the Exmoor National Parks Authority marks 70 years since the National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act was passed.

Since then, 15 national parks have been created in the UK, attracting millions of visitors each year, including our very own Exmoor.

The act was born out of a decades-long campaign that led to the mass trespass of the Peak District’s Kinder Scout in 1932.

During the protest, hundreds of ramblers walked on to private land on Kinder Scout, in Derbyshire, to assert their “right to roam”. The Kinder Scout protest was credited for bringing the question of public access to rural Britain into focus.

In 1951, the Peak District the protesters had “invaded” was declared a national park.

By the end of the 1950s, thanks to the passing of the 1949 Act, 10 national parks had been established.

Those 10 parks were the Peak District, the Lake District, Snowdonia, Dartmoor, Pembrokeshire Coast, North York Moors, Yorkshire Dales, Exmoor, Northumberland and the Brecon Beacons.

Since then, a further five parks have been established: The Broads, Cairngorms, Loch Lomond and the Trossachs, New Forest and South Downs. A spokesman for the Campaign for National Parks said the establishment of the national parks remained “our premier achievement and indeed one of the top environmental achievements of the past 100 years”.

“National Parks offer so much to the country and simply wouldn’t exist­ were it not for the foresight and determination of those who fought for their establishment,”

Come, see for yourself the rugged and unspoilt beauty of Exmoor. The Autumn colours enhance an already beautiful coastline and moor creating a paintbox world that is waiting for you to explore.

For warm and comfortable accommodation visit north-devon-farm-holidays.co.uk where a friendly host will welcome you and invite you share our gorgeous county.