When ‘lockdown’ leaves you in a pickle!

We could say that all our chickens are on lockdown because of Bird flu, and with having no guests able to stay we had to come up with new ideas for using the eggs. I say new, this recipe is a trip down memory lane…… pickled eggs and a packet of crisps on a warm summers evening, there is nothing better!

I wanted to share this with you, so that you too can have a go at pickling your own eggs.

Recipe:-   1 litre of Vinegar 1 kg of Granulated sugar.   I have used just ordinary malt vinegar and sugar.   Start off by putting the container of vinegar in a saucepan with 1 kg of sugar and warming it through until the sugar has dissolved then  leave it until the next day.   I tip this back in the vinegar container and save it to be used for another time E.G. Beetroot, Onions or Red Cabbage.

  Boil the eggs for about 10 to 12 mins and leave to get cold then peel them and put into jars and cover with the sweetened vinegar   After a few days you will be able to use them with your cheese and biscuits or salad’s.

  From Brenda

www.westdown.co.uk – just one of the many beautiful places to stay in North Devon.

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